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SapStudios offers payment processing solutions tailored to your needs, letting you save money, stramline operations and drive more sales.  With so many choices out there, SapStudios believes that helping the merchant should be priority.

In other words… plain and simple…

We can save you money on all your Credit Card transactions you deal with your customers! 
With our partner TSYS (that we use as our Clearing house) this means that we can integrate with any POS system!

We offer 2 simple options to save you money 100% guaranteed!

1. Traditional Credit Card Processing

We need one of your latest monthly Credit Card Processing statements that you get from your current provider, and we will analyze your current RATES and provide you a Monthly/Yearly Savings Report (for FREE) of how much money we will save you by switching with us!

2. Zero Fee Processing Program

This means that YOU (the business owners) pay no fees at all and you pass the fees over to your End Customers.  This is BIG savings especially for restaurants.  Restaurant owners could easily be looking at $3-$15k savings a month depending on their transaction volume.

No Hidden Fees!
Amazing Low Rates!
Zero Fee Processing Programs!
No Contracts!

Let us help you today!
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Restaurant Payment Processing
Restaurants are Charging Forward! Cost control continues to be the top priority for many restaurant and bar owners. We are here to help.

Retail Payment Processing
Supercharge Your Retail Sales.  Owning a retail business, either ecommerce or brick-and-mortar, is a dream shared by many people. At least one-third of new enterprises launched each year are retail operations. Retailers provide the goods and services that we all use everyday, from food, clothing, and furnishings, to appliances, electronics and home improvement.

Small Business Credit Card Processing
Taking care of business!  Process credit card transactions with ease and peace of mind. Whether selling in person or online, we keep customer data secure by using encryption tokenization or P2PE. This process ensures that sensitive credit card data is kept encrypted from the point of sale all the way to the payment processor.

Cruise Line Payment Processing
Sit back, relax and let us do all the work


Terminal Software
EMV Terminal solutions. Accept all major credit & debit cards, EMV chip cards, and mobile wallets with the guaranteed lowest processing rates.

Hosted Pay Page
No need to keep credit card numbers on file for recurring transactions. With our FREE virtual terminal, you can process payments from any web-enabled device.

Secure Data Storage by VitaPay.  StorageSafe signature tokenization technology.

Mobile Payments App
Pay Anywhere, Anytime.  Process secure payments wherever your customers are.